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EnlightenerVR is dedicated to exploring the educational potential of Virtual Reality. As an advocate for emerging technology, we try to promote the integration of VR and traditional industries. We are addressing the foreign language education industry, particularly those who are learning English. 


Business dialogue simulation



ConVRse is an English learning VR application. The goal of the application is to allow students to learn and practice English in an authentic language environment, anytime and anywhere. 


We capture real-life conversation scenarios in English-speaking countries, mainly in the United States, with 360-degree cameras. We then add interactive functions to create immersive English conversation simulations. Virtual Reality technology has the power to provide English learners with a sense of presence that's far beyond any other traditional medium. This feeling of presence allows students to learn English in a much more contextual and efficient way.



Contextual dialogue simulation

Standard pronunciation demonstration 


performance feedback

Benefits to learners


Benefits to institutions


We aim to provide an immersive solution for language learners with Virtual Reality technology


Our team

Shiji Zhou


Kexin Kang


Our founders met while working at the Ohio University Game Research and Immersive Design(GRID) Lab. While at the GRID Lab, they were involved in numerous projects, working with institutions such as the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, The Ohio Department of Medicaid, and Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. 

Eric R. Williams


Eric R. Williams' work in virtual reality cinema has been featured nationally on National Public Radio, at South by Southwest, in the Huffington Post and by US News and World Report. Williams introduces cutting edge ideas to capture real-world emergency room traumas, empathy training for Medicare providers, and first responder education to the opioid crisis. Eric is currently the director of Ohio University's MFA in Communication Media Arts program and was recently highlighted in Yoni Binstock's book "What is Virtual Reality? Everything You Wanted to Know Featuring Exclusive Interviews with the Leaders of the VR Industry". 


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